What are the keto friendly foods you can eat without hurting your dog

People in Australia will soon be able to buy keto-friendly foods, and even eat them without worrying about what you’re eating.Keto-Friendly Food Australia is launching a program that will allow customers to order their food online, which will then be […]

‘A Very Jamaican Thing’: ‘A Good Thing’ from ‘A Whole Foods Delivery’

On Saturday, The Breakfast Club opened a new restaurant in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood and its namesake restaurant, the iconic A Very Jamaicans Thing, is getting the same treatment.The restaurant, located at 617 East 34th Street in Chelsea, is […]

Watch: ‘Survival Food’ creator’s family’s food safety woes

In the midst of a national food crisis, food network chef, “Survival Foods,” has found a way to provide healthy options for people with food allergies.The Emmy-winning cooking show’s creators say they have developed a recipe for the popular, gluten-free, […]

Health claims about potassium in dog foods are ‘not true’

Health claims that dog foods contain high levels of potassium are “not true,” according to a new report.A new Canadian-funded study found that the high levels in dog food are not linked to kidney disease or a high risk of […]