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Super 1 Foods has confirmed it will be selling off its stock in the US.

The supermarket chain said it was reducing its US operations by half by the end of next year and would be “making a strong return on investment”.

Super 1 Foods said in a statement:”We are working closely with our US management to complete a business-by-business restructuring and to re-focus on our core business in the United States.”

It added that it was “very excited” to announce that we will be reopening our Super 1 store in the Philadelphia area.

“We will be bringing our full range of products to our US store, with our focus on offering the highest quality products, freshness and freshness at the lowest prices for our customers.”

Super 1 said the US would see a “huge increase” in its sales in 2017, when it aims to reopening its stores.

The chain, which had its headquarters in Chicago, has been selling off some of its US business since the end 2016, after the US Supreme Court ruled in February that President Donald Trump could not ban Muslims from entering the country.

The Supreme Court decision, however, was not a blanket ban on all Muslims, but a ruling on the extent of the president’s power to limit immigration.

Super 1 has said it plans to “revisit” its US strategy and look at new locations.