‘Chewy’ dog food brands to test gluten-free products

FOOD Groups to test food containing gluten-containing ingredients, including chewy dog foods, in the U.S. article The food groups that will test their products on gluten-contaminated ingredients are expected to make their announcements Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The group Food Network and PetSmart will test on gluten, as will brands including Gatorade, Kellogg’s and Blue Apron.

The groups will also test on non-gluten ingredients such as kibble, crackers, biscuits and treats.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission will announce its results of its own testing at the show on Thursday afternoon.

Food companies are already testing their products for gluten, but those products can’t be used in the diets of children.

In the past, gluten-Free USA, a nonprofit, has offered gluten-preventable food tests to consumers.

It has been available to consumers in the states of Washington and New York for two years.

The tests include samples of food products that can’t contain gluten.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has also long supported testing for gluten-related food allergies, and last year, the organization published guidelines for testing.

The guidelines said testing should be conducted with all of the products in the product, including all ingredients.

Food brands are also testing gluten-inclusive products.

Kellogg announced it would test on all gluten-based products, including cereals and other cereal products.