Peruvian Food Bank Receives $7 Million Food Stamp Program – ESPN Cri — New Orleans Pelicans (7-13) vs. Orlando Magic (13-12) — ESPN Clic Info title Peru Food Bank Receive $7 million food stamp assistance

New Orleans, LA — Peruvian President Jose Luis Duarte said Friday that Peru’s largest food bank has received $7.5 million in federal food assistance to help with the nation’s food crisis.

Duarte made the announcement at a news conference in Peruvian capital Lima where the Peruvian Embassy is based.

The government says Peruvians will receive $6,872 per capita in food aid.

The total amount is more than a third of the Peruvian budget.

The Peruvian government is also expected to spend $2.6 million on food assistance for its poorest citizens in the country, according to the Peru Times.

Duart said the money would help Peru to prepare to meet the U.S. government’s proposed Food Security Assistance Program (FSAP) for 2016.

Under the FSAP, U.N. officials estimate that a total of nearly one million Peruvans will qualify for assistance in 2016.

The U.M. Department of Agriculture estimates that Peruvias poorest will need $2,400 per month to afford basic food, water, clothing and shelter, according.