Eat a little more, but still need a full-strength meal?

The world’s largest supermarket chain has unveiled a new “food mill” for its UK customers, which they can load up with food they’ve just eaten.

It’s an app called ‘Eat a Little Bit’ and it’ll give you the option of eating a small or large meal, depending on how much you need.

The app uses the GPS to calculate the calories in your food and then tells you how much to add.

In the UK, a meal of about six quid (£1) can contain up to 30g of fat, so a little bit more could be good.

The company has also launched a £15 app for people to order more than 1,000 different foods.

It’ll be released in England on Tuesday.

You can also order a “deluxe meal”, which includes a choice of six quids or one quid each.

You’ll need to check the ingredients on the website before ordering and you’ll need your own meal to complete the order.

Read more: UK supermarket chain sells ‘Food Mill’ to its UK shoppers article The UK’s Food Standards Agency says the food mill “has been extensively tested to ensure the products are safe to eat”.

But it says that it’s not a health food and should only be used for eating out, not to replace regular meals.

The new app is part of the wider rollout of the food industry’s plans to introduce a “food system” that will ensure people don’t eat as much as they could if they can.

“We want to ensure that the food we eat, whether it’s food we buy from the supermarket or in a takeaway, will have the nutritional value that is in the best interest of our health,” said Dr Claire Robinson, chief executive of the FSA.

This system is being described as “food sovereignty”, meaning people can have the choice of choosing from a range of different meals.

It would replace the “food cart” which is a model for small restaurants in the UK.