Why the NFL needs to get more excited about the food insecurity crisis

The NFL is at risk of losing its championship, and the league’s top officials are doing everything they can to prevent that from happening.

In a joint statement with the AFL-CIO, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and AFL-CCI President Richard Trumka called on all 32 NFL teams to adopt a “new strategy” to improve food insecurity in their teams.

The teams’ new strategy will include creating a food insecurity task force that will help identify challenges and issues facing NFL teams and develop a plan to address them.

This is in addition to the league being working with local labor unions to address food insecurity issues.

The AFL-CEI will also work with the NFL on food insecurity education and training for coaches, staff and players.

In the statement, Goodell and Trumkas stressed that the NFL has the largest number of players in the league, but they noted that many of these players are food insecure.

The NFL also has more players with food insecurity than any other professional sports league.

“Our goal is to ensure that NFL teams are prepared for the challenges that food insecurity will bring to our teams in the future,” they wrote.

“We will also use the opportunity to highlight the importance of the NFL and the great job our players do to make our communities safer and healthier.”

The statement comes after the NFL announced in November that it was launching an initiative that will include a team food insecurity summit that will be held in September in New York.

The NFL will also conduct a food security task force and the AFL and CCA are partnering on the new initiative.

Goodell and the CCA said that the league will provide additional training for its players.