Which Thailand food is the most popular?

Thais are all over the place when it comes to food.

But if you look at what is most popular in each of Thailand’s 10 provinces, you’ll find that there are plenty of Thai foodstuffs to choose from.

In the west, there’s Thai chili, Thai rice, Thai noodle, Thai salad, Thai fried chicken, Thai biryani, Thai curry, Thai seafood, Thai fish sauce, Thai sour sauce, and Thai soup.

In Thailand’s south, you might find Thai curry sauce, Phuket curry, and Phukets curry.

In north Thailand, you can find Thai chicken, shrimp, pork, chicken noodle and Thai noodles.

And in the east, there are Thai curries, Thai meatballs, Thai curried beef, Thai grilled beef, and chicken noodl.

In between the western provinces, there is the rest of the world, where Thai food can be found at a wide range of Thai eateries, from Thai restaurants in Bangkok, to Thai restaurants across the world.

If you’re looking for Thai food in Thailand, here are the top ten Thai food places in the world according to the Food Aid Food Pantry in 2016.1.

The Nong Phit Thai Restaurant & Bar in Pattaya, Thailand