China food delivery hours are growing and the delivery app is here to stay

China’s food delivery app delivery service called China Food Lion has expanded to six cities in the country’s southern province of Guangdong, the company announced today. 

The service, which began operation in September, is available in over 50 Chinese cities, including Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou and Zhengzhou New Town, according to China’s official Xinhua news agency. 

Launched by the Guangdou province government in late 2017, the service currently delivers food to more than 3 million people in the Guangzhou area, the agency said. 

“This is China’s largest and most densely populated region, and is a key region for Chinese-Chinese relations,” the service’s website said.

“In addition to its strong business and tourism sectors, it has the most diverse and prosperous people in China.”

The service also offers a range of restaurants in different areas and is currently expanding to more cities.

The Guangzhou-based service uses the same platform as its popular smartphone app to allow users to order food and other products.

The app has over 20 million users, according a Google Play analytics report.