When does an Australian restaurant become the food bank for the world?

An Australian restaurant chain, Pet Food Express, has started to see the fruits of its labors in other cities.

The company, which has over 600 restaurants across Australia, has already been making headlines for its efforts to bring pet food to underserved areas in the country.

But the company is also doing something that may be even more important for its customers.

Pet Food has partnered with the Houston Food Bank, a nonprofit organization that provides food to people in need.

The program helps provide food to households that need it the most.

Petfood’s partnership with the food pantry has already seen it expand into the Houston area.

In the first week of March, Petfood launched a campaign to get people to visit the local Petfood restaurant.

In a video released by the chain, which is owned by the Australian multinational food giant, KFC, they announced the launch of their pet food-to-go station, which would allow people to bring their pets to the Petfood store for free.

PetFood’s partnership is a huge step for the company.

It is one that many food banks have seen as a potential source of support for their local populations.

The Houston Food Banks has been running a program for years, and now they are making a move to help more people in the city. 

“This is a real step forward for the pet food industry,” Melissa Anderson, executive director of Houston Food Bags, told The Houston Chronicle.

“There is a lot of pressure on us from our clients and the government, and it’s really great that we can get in front of that.”

Anderson said that the PetFood program was an important step in helping pet food in the Houston community.

“It gives us an opportunity to be really proactive about supporting people in these areas,” she said.

PetFinance, which was founded in 2011 by Houston food bank executive Melissa Anderson and Pet Food’s co-founder, David Henson, has also been trying to connect pet food buyers and sellers in Houston.

Pet Finance has partnered up with the Humane Society of the United States to help out.

The partnership will allow the two organizations to use Pet Food to help people who might not be able to afford pet food due to financial hardships.

Petfinance has also partnered up on an online program called The Humane Pet Food Marketplace to help those in need of food and veterinary care.

The initiative is aimed at helping pet owners find pet food that is available at pet supply stores. 

Pet Food and The Humane Cat Food Marketplace are working together to help pet owners who need food and other assistance find it.

“This is really important for Houstonians because it is so easy to get food at a pet supply store and it costs a lot to get the food,” said PetFood co-founders Henson and Anderson. 

A spokesperson for Petfood told Ars that PetFood has been working with the HSA and the Houston Humane Society since January of this year.

The Pet Food program has helped some people purchase their first dog or cat food, as well as pets.

“In Houston we have the largest dog and cat population in the U.S., so the program has been a big help,” Anderson said.

“We have people coming in for help from pet food and food banks, but now we are helping petfood buyers and vendors in Houston find it.”

PetFood and the Humane Cat food Marketplace have partnered up to provide pet food assistance in Houston and beyond.

The organization has also created a pet food pilot program called Pet Food For Kids, which helps pet food suppliers, pet food sellers, pet foods, and pet food companies who need help finding a new source of pet food. 

The Houston Humane society, which opened its doors in 2014, has helped feed a total of 2,500 cats and kittens over the last six months.

The group has been helping people with financial hardships, but PetFood is also helping pet parents find ways to save money.

“When we were launching the program, we were just trying to help as many people as we could,” Anderson told The Chronicle.

PetFamily, which PetFood partnered up in September with, was founded by a Houston woman named Julie Tinsley.

Tinsly founded PetFamily to provide a home for pets in need and help people make pet food donations.

“Our goal is to be able in a matter of a year to help around 3,000 people in Houston,” Tinsy told Ars. 

It is also working with other pet food retailers, such as the Kroger chain, to provide free pet food for people in their local area.

Tinesley is also hoping that the initiative will help spread the word about the Pet Food pilot program. 

This is not the first time that Pet Food and the PetFence program have teamed up to help in the community.

In 2014, PetFood began to help its pet food distributor, PetFamily Inc., in Houston, Texas