Food network chefs take a bite out of the hummingbird feast

Food network chef and owner of the famed Hummingbird Kitchen in Sydney, Michelle MacLean, has been given permission by the Australian Government to open a new food bank in a new part of the city.

Ms MacLean told the ABC’s Lateline program she was approached by the Government in the run up to the state election to open the new foodbank, which will provide nutritious food to those living in need in the city’s inner north.

She said it would provide a lifeline for those in the area struggling with food insecurity.

“We’ve got about 20,000 people in Sydney who are living on the margins of society, so the humbling of a food bank here, and the opening of this food bank, will provide them with a place to get food, and hopefully we’ll see some of those people go on to become full-time workers.”

Ms Maclean, who also runs the food bank for homeless men and women, said the government was supportive of her efforts to expand the food chain in Sydney’s inner city.

“It’s a small, but important part of our plan, and I think it’s been a big factor in the success of our program,” she said.

“This is a city that we all know is struggling with homelessness and poverty, so this is really a good opportunity for us to bring some more people into the community and give them a sense of security.”

I’m looking forward to opening this new food centre, and that’s why we’ve decided to open this food centre in the heart of the CBD.

“The hummingbirds’ feast is a celebration of the birds’ ability to survive in the extreme cold.

The hummers are the world’s largest migratory bird and feed on insects and other prey.

They migrate to warmer areas of Australia where they can breed, but often have to return to colder locations when they migrate north.

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